What is Constellations

Igniting Star Potential

Strathcona Constellations is your child's gateway to new learning horizons. As an extension of our Strathcona Stars community, we aim to elevate after-school education to uncharted galaxies.

Mission Briefing

Embark on 6-week journeys that transport our Stars into diverse realms—from musical harmonies and artistic brushstrokes to the frontiers of scientific discovery.

How it Works

Squad Leaders

Expert instructors who chart the courses for our missions, turning interests into passions. Squad leaders have control over curriculum and content. After each mission, Stars and their parents get to rate the mission and give feedback for future considerations.

Mission Control

Committed parent volunteers facilitating Constellations and ensuring smooth operations and communication.

Ground Crew

Local high-school leaders, aiding Squad Leaders and offering in-flight support during our missions.


The radiant students whose collective brilliance forms our Constellations.

Ownership & Funding

Every mission is fully sanctioned by our High Command at Strathcona School (be sure to send your thanks their way!). While we lack external funding, we operate on a self-sustaining model; fees are set to cover mission costs.

Financial concerns? Reach out. We have options to ensure all Stars can shine.

Get Involved

Ready to join this interstellar journey? Volunteer, pitch a program, or recommend a Squad Leader. Your gravitational pull can make all the difference.

You can contact Mission Control here, or join our Facebook page for more information