Terms and Conditions

We're thrilled to have you join our universe of learning and fun. Please take a moment to understand our terms and conditions.

In these documents, "us" refers to both Constellation Volunteers and School Administration.

1. Volunteer-Driven Missions: Constellations is a collaborative effort led by a team of dedicated parent volunteers. The Constellation Team coordinates and oversees various educational and extracurricular missions, providing logistical and promotional support. We do not own and are not responsible for any of the missions advertised through our platforms.

2. Mission Ownership: Missions (events/activities) are individually owned by the implementing group/organizations. Constellations facilitates the logistics, but each mission is managed and run by its respective owner group, who are responsible for the execution of the programs. Detailed information about each mission, including the organizing body, is available on the product's individual page or you may contact us directly for more detailed information.

3. Payment Processing and Details: Credit card payments through Constellations.fun are funnelled, in their entirety, to the Mission Owners, who handle all financial matters including staff payment, equipment purchase, and other fees. 

4. Payment Processing Fees: Payment processing fees are deducted by our processors and are communicated to the mission owners. Payment methods are managed by third-party groups (in accordance with Shopify policies) and are not accessible by Constellation volunteers. For direct payment, use the discount code CASHONLY during checkout.

5. Photo and Video Policy: Constellations events, held at the school, follow the media permission preferences set by each family at the beginning of the school year. We occasionally capture photos and videos during our missions for our publications, posts, or other public platforms. If you have opted in via the school but prefer that your child not be photographed or recorded at Constellation events, please inform us in writing. We respect your privacy and will take necessary steps to comply with your request.

6. Personally Identifiable Information: Constellations is committed to protecting personally identifiable information in accordance with BC's privacy policies. We take reasonable steps to collect only minimal information and to safeguard any information we collect. Information provided to mission owners will also adhere to BC's privacy policies. For any questions or concerns, please reach out to us for clarification.

7. Responsibility of External Organizations: External organizations running individual missions are responsible for their operation and any issues arising from them. Constellations acts as a facilitator and is not liable for the actions or events of these organizations. If you experience issues, please reach out to us and we will advocate on your behalf.

8. Changes to Terms and Conditions: These terms are subject to change. We will endeavor to communicate any significant changes to you but encourage you to review them periodically.

9. Transparency in Operations: Constellations is committed to transparency in all our missions. For every mission, we provide a detailed report of income and expenditures to the school administration. This ensures oversight and accountability for the programs we run. School administration can provide this financial information as appropriate upon request.

Thank you for being a part of our Constellations family. Together, we create a galaxy of possibilities for our children!